Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Perfect sky day

Today is the most beautiful Winter's day, pure, powerfully blue skies, warm outside in the sun. I took a few photo's around the house. I am feeling good, quite positive, and better than I've felt in a while.

Flowers in the kitchen

Bedside table in the guest bedroom

Close up of the flowers, I adore Barberton daisies - I think they might have another name but that's what we call them in South Africa

This vintage doll sits on a chair in the guest room. She belonged to my late granny, I'm not sure why but she was very special to my granny. She is one of my possessions that has a lot of sentimental value. Whenever I see her she reminds me of my granny.

On the wall in the guest room

This is a section of the bookshelf in a little room in the front of the house. It's a tiny room with one wall floor to ceiling bookshelves. We basically use the room as a storage place for my husbands bicycles and cycling equipment.

The guest bathroom

Close up of a pink crystal perfume bottle in the guest bathroom. It was a gift from my mom.

Flowers in the entrance vestibule

Giraffe wood carving in the entrance vestibule

Close up of a section of an African mobile from the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was a gift from my sister-in-law. She's a photographer and travels widely around the continent.

Beaded mobile on my front porch. This gives you an example of a typical Winter sky in Johannesburg

View of the city skyline from my front porch.

I'm so happy, I just got a call from my best friend. She moved away about a month ago, and I have really missed her, we used to talk every day and see each other just about every second day, because we both freelance, we used to hook up here and there, an hour for lunch, a Friday afternoon drink etc. Of all the towns, in all the places, in all the countries she could possibly have gone to, she's moved to Port Harcourt in Nigeria! She got an amazing job, heading up a new African continent wide pay for TV cable station. She's also been appointed a United Nations ambassador, and she'll be away for three years.

I'm trying to sort out my damn taxes today, I sooooooo HATE official paperwork of any kind.....well back to the paper nightmare I go.......At least when it's done it'll be off my back:)


  1. The details of your house give it so much richness and depth. I adore the vignettes you create.

    Sorry about your taxes. They too shall pass.

  2. thanks for leaving me a comment so i could find your blog! what great treasures you have around your home and of course all the flowers are so nice too. i just put a bunch of flowers around my house too...nothing like it to cheer you up. good luck with the taxes :)

  3. I love your flower posies all over the house - instant cheer!