Thursday, June 4, 2009

Money for jam

Today is another pure blue sky warm Winter day....lovely. My lemon tree is just bursting with it's bright yellow fruit at the moment, so I decided to make some lemon chili marmalade. I looked up a couple of recipe's on the internet to get the general idea of what was involved, and went off to make up my experimental brew. I think the jam turned out quite well. It's very bitter and very sweet at the same time, and the bits of lemon peel are amazingly tangy and fragrant tasting. I used a bit too much chili, it's slightly overpowering, so if I decide to make another batch I'll definitely use less chili.

We got an offer on the house last night - but it was much too low. The realtor will go back to the prospective buyers and see if he can get them to go higher. I also still definitely want to have another show day which is scheduled for the 14th of June. I will be so sad to leave this place, I love my house, but unfortunately there are problems in the area that we are not happy about, so move we must. I just wish I could conjour up a magic spell and move the house somewhere else.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could help you conjure up the spell too and for my reward I would love a bottle of your lemon chili marmalade. OMG! That sounds amazingly good.

    Hope you get a better offer today.