Friday, May 15, 2009

Today I have the winter sun in my soul

Took these two pics this morning. The bottom one is a vintage monchichi that I've had since the eighties and I still love it and find it adorably cute.

Today is a beautiful typical Winter's day, clear and sunny with a perfect blue sky, slightly chilly when the wind blows, but quite nice and warm in the sun if you're wearing a warm jersey.

I feel quite good today, more relaxed and less anxious than yesterday.


  1. I have stuffed bunnyrabbit, named "Disapproving Bunny" with the same fur as your bear. It kind of looks like oatmeal. I love that fur.

    Happy you are feeling good. Hugs to you.xo

  2. Hi Sarah, I just came over after seeing the comment from you on my blog. Thank you for visiting, and I'm glad those posts are helpful to you.

    I've just read every one of your posts. I notice here on your beautiful space that you have so many FLOWERS. I adore them. To have them in so many parts of your house--lovely. I sometimes work as a freelance floral designer and often when I don't know what to post on my blog, I do a photo of my white dog and some flowers.

    I love seeing what it looks like in Johannesburg. Seems so far away (well, it IS far away) and yet we have so many things that bring people together. So many things in common, really.

    Love, Sallymandy