Monday, May 18, 2009


Right now it's 4 degrees C with a wind chill factor of -1 and it's FREEZING outside. This is probably nothing for people in the northern hemisphere, but for someone in South Africa this might as well be Antarctica as far as I'm concerned. And we don't even have the fun of snow to go with it. That is assuming snow is as nice as it looks for someone who has never lived in it. I'm not complaining though, for now, I'm actually enjoying the cold weather. It's a wonderful feeling to be snug and cozy inside with the wind howling and blasting around the house in the deep dark night. I can't express how grateful I feel to have this luxury in a country where there is so much poverty and there are millions of people living in flimsy shacks in slums. Every night when I go to bed I think about how lucky I am to be crawling under a feather duvet with a strong roof over my head.

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  1. Every night before I get in bed I feel so lucky that a warm bed with my feather duvet awaits me. I love that feeling.
    Sweet dreams, lovely.