Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There's been a lot of change in my life over the past few months. We sold our house, the new house we were supposed to go to fell through at the last moment and we ended up having to temporarily move in with my in-laws. We decided to do some travelling and because of the timing we didn't want to move into a new house and then leave it empty for a month while we were away - the high crime situation in South Africa makes it risky. So I'm still with the in-laws, we got back from overseas three weeks ago.

My whole life just about I have dreamed of going to New York....and that's just what we finally decided to do, and it was the most incredible, fabulous experience. We stayed in Manhattan for two entire weeks, we rented a little apartment in Chelsea, and afterwards we we went to Canada for two weeks, to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City. I'll write more about my travels and post some pics in future posts.

I share cooking dinner with my mom-in-law and it's actually quite nice and sociable. While it's obviously better to have your own home and space, I'm finding out that there are benefits to being part of an extended family, especially when they're really nice and you get along with them. As far as in-laws go, I am truly blessed. Sometimes we take turns to make dinner, sometimes we cook together, last night was my turn and I decided to go Indian and did a Balti chicken curry. It came out great, very tasty.

My dog Bandit, who's also staying with us and who lives up to his name. He loves to "help" out in the kitchen waiting for tasty tidbits to fall on the floor. This dog will eat just about anything and there's nothing more he enjoys than a good, strong cup of coffee in the morning. I'm one of those people who can't function in the morning without a cup of coffee - I have to be careful where I put my coffee mug, if I go away for a minute, by the time I get back the coffee will have disappeared except for the giveaway splashes on the table.

.....enjoying the warm Summer days......

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  1. Im glad you had a wonderful experience in the US...Enjoy your time with ppl who love you and like you.